Amidst competition,our specially innovative team after thorough research are 

here to offer some tips to help you get business profile,event or product 

reach more people more than other profiles.

Inserting Key Words

Inserting key words at the right place at the right time enables 

your business profile or product become highly searchable as priority 

will be given to business profiles in this category. In the description 

during registration or submission of listings,endeavor to input

 searchable keywords to make your listing detectable. 

This can be achieved by user and also applicable to 

service providers,event ads and market products..

Categorical spreading

Choosing more than one category as a service provider also enables you to reach more 

customers looking for your services.

 This does not limit you to a particular skill and reducing your chances of getting more jobs. 

This canm be achieved by users and also applicable to just service providers,

events and market products.

Content verification

A special catnet ads tip is the verification feature for your listing .

 Getting verified comes with the verification mark which prioritize 

your listing submission over all other unverified listing. This also 

bestows a  certain level of trust on you product or service you render

 on our platform. In response to search responses,you listing submission

 appears on top above all other listings.However,this feature is only 

limited to service providers and  cannotbe activated by a user as you 

will need the help of the admin to achieve this .

contact the admin for more inquiry

Content promotion

This feature can be applied to service providers,events and market products.

Priority is placed on promoted listings as only promoted listings appears

 on the front page of this platform and will definitely get to reach more

 customers.this feature cannot be activated by a user rather with the 

help of the admin.promote your listing today,

 contact the admin to do this and for more inquiry.