How do i hire a service provider,search for events or a product to buy?

To do this ,just select what you want on the search box on the front pagewhich holds service providers,events,market and tourism. After this enter whatever you are looking for then the location after which you push the search button.

As a customer,do i need to register before making a quick search?

As a customer looking to hire,search events or buy a product,you don’t need to register  on our platform before you can conduct your search.just make your request known on the quick search box on the front page.

Can i hire,search for events or buy products as a registered user of this platform?

Our registered business owners and product sellers are also our customers whenever they need the goods and services that are marketted on this platform.both registered and unregistered members can make a search on this platform.

How long does it take for my listings to be approved?

Usually after submission of listings,the admins ensure that information submited are correct and accurate so as to enable customers get the top services the search for. Approval takes  within 10 -48 hours depending on how long the admin  needs to double check and run background check up on listings. In any case it takes longer than this duration,please contact us to enable us speed up whatever is delaying approval

I have multiple businesses,do i need to register with different profiles for my different businesses?

As a registered user of catnetconnect.com you are entitled to posting as many business profiles as possible at no cost.all you need do is register once with a single e-mail and upload your submissions. Although you cannot do this without signing in. After your first registration,you can upload more businesses.JUST CLICK ON THE REGISTER BUSINESS ICON (+) on the right  screen of your device each time you are registering new profiles.

I have a problem registering,forgot my log in password.what can i do?

If you have a problem registering on this platform after several attempts or you forgot your log in password,please contact us to help you out.

For further inquiries,please kindly contact the admin