Connecting on our market place,meet seller/buyer in an open place

Make sure you meet buyer and seller in an open place and ensure the product is intact and what you want before purchasing.The seller should ensure the received payment is complete to ensure smooth transactions.

Payments are made after satisfied services

.Prepayments are prohibited on website as payment are to be made only when you are satisfied with a job done or accessing a physical product on our market place.

As a service provider ,double check before approving

Ensure as as service provider that customers calling you on really wants a service to be rendered by you and ensure you meet customers in open places before proceeding to carrying out jobs.

You can also fix time and schedules at which you are free and not free on your profile to enable customers know how and when to reach you begter.

Use common sense

Be careful to know what is true and what is false. prices that are too good to be true should be second guessed before deciding to proceed to selling,buying or providing service.

Connect with customers /service providers in an open place

Before hiring or rendering a service,ensure you meet your business patner respectively in an open place before proceeding.

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